Southern Oregon is as rich in history and tradition as it is in taste. We invite you on an exciting adventure that promises to be as enlightening to the historian as it is satisfying to the connoisseur. Our self-guided tour will educate you about Southern Oregon’s unique heritage by visiting historic mills, orchards, farms, vineyards, and artisan food producers. You’ll learn that Southern Oregon’s pears and fruit have been world-renowned since the early 1900’s along with wineries that date back to the late 1800’s, making it the oldest wine region in the state. You’ll travel through the same majestic mountains and vast open valleys were various Native American tribes, early pioneers, and outdoorsmen called home. And, all the while, you’ll be enjoying some of the freshest, most natural culinary delights found anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Members of the Oregon Wine and Farm Tour are dedicated to preserving small family farms and agriculture in Oregon. Take the Oregon Wine & Farm tour and experience the warmth, hospitality and taste of our fine Southern Oregon products.