Southern Oregon Wine Symposium

The inaugural Southern oregon grape symposium will take place Mar. 16 from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the SOREC Auditorium. In addition to a talk by SOU’s Dr. Greg Jones, this event will feature speakers from California and Washington who are leaders in their areas of expertise, including:

Southern Oregon’s latitude and prevailing oceanic winds create a 7 month European-like growing season that distinguishes it from all other west coast (and American) growing regions and this uniquely defines, identifies and unifies us as an ideal place to grow wine grapes.

The "Focus on Fermentation" symposium is being presented on July 19, 20, and 21 by The Southern Oregon Wine Institute at Umpqua Community College, together with ETS Laboratories, Scott Laboratories, a…

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2017 Oregon Wine Symposium | Climatology ReportThe Oregon Wine Experience is a quinessential Oregon event that is growing in prominence and attracting an affluent demographic from across the country. What promotional techniques are being used to position and establish it as a unique destination wine and culinary event.

Elizabeth Tomasino of Oregon State University’s Oregon Wine Research Institute had disconcerting news about smoke taint for growers and winemakers during a recent symposium. “To the disappointment of …

The 22nd annual Travel Southern Oregon Tourism Symposium, themed “Discover Your Sense of Place … Celebrating its national parks and monuments; growing the wine industry; promoting arts and culture s…

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Owl City Reserve Oregon Wine Wine Tasting Central Oregon Coast All wines come from someplace, but the best wines can only come from an extraordinary place. Oregon is a world-class wine region with more than 700 wineries and more than 1,000 vineyards growing 72 grape varieties. Map of wineries and wine tasting places in Oregon oregon coast. oregon wine map.

In 2014 the Asante Foundation partnered with the local wine industry to present the Oregon Wine Experience® and it has become the region’s premier wine and culinary destination event, with every dollar raised benefiting children’s and community health.

Best Place To Drink Wine Oregon The seminar will be held in the Beaufort Wine & Food retail wine store, 129 Middle Lane in Beaufort. It will feature and focus on wines from Oregon, including pinot gris, chardonnay, pinot noir and a … If you prefer to drink red wine … pinot noir from Oregon for less than $15, so I

Oregon Wine Symposium. The Oregon Wine Symposium offers attendees a rich menu of seminars and speakers on topics of vital interest to all segments of the Oregon wine industry, from business and marketing to viticulture and enology.

Parallel 45 Wine Bar Tualatin Oregon Whether it’s an $8 glass of 2006 Brooks Riesling from Oregon raised in a toast at Webster’s Wine Bar in Lincoln Park … yet few recognize it. It’s the 45th parallel, an imaginary line encircling the … Those are the people who visit Portland and Oregon, take wine and other artisan products home with them